Loan Checklist: What Do I Need For a Mortgage Loan?

We call Florida home. We’ll help you do the same. You can help us help you by supplying the following documentation.

  • Two years’ worth of W-2s
  • Two years’ worth of tax returns – all pages for BOTH personal and businesses owned
  • Most recent 30 days’ worth of paystubs (not applicable for self-employed borrowers)
  • Most recent complete formal statement for any 401k, CD, or stock account – all pages
  • Most recent 2 months of complete formal statements of account for all cash accounts (Checking, Savings, etc) – all pages (not transaction histories)
  • Copy of your driver’s license and Social Security Card (If you have one available)
  • If you are obligated to pay or receive child support or alimony, need full divorce decree and/or child support income deduction order

For refinance transactions

  • Survey of your property – not required but saves you money if you can locate (shows boundary lines of your property)
  • Owner’s Title Insurance policy – would have been mailed to you from the original title company within 60 days of closing. Not required, but saves you money on your closing if you can locate
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Declarations Page
  • Mortgage Statement for any and all mortgages on the home we are refinancing


(Getting prequalified is the first step to buying a home. It’s fast, easy and, more importantly, FREE.)